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Ok New Zealand we need to catch up ASAP!

We all know Japan gets everything first in the world, especially when it comes to fast food chains. They got Burger King’s Black Burger first, they have the first all you can eat KFC and they were the first to roll out Starbucks new Frappuccino! Lucky ducks!

And now, it gets even better…  CATS IN PIZZA HUT. Ok we have absolutely no idea what is happening but it’s super cute right?

AND if that wasn’t amazing enough… there is more than one ad, check out their Youtube Channel to see more!

We <3 it!

Source: The Edge

You can now visit one of Australia’s most stunning and sacred landmarks from the comfort of your own home. Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is now available on Google Street View!

Perfect, no need to travel anywhere anymore!

Ok… well it would be cool to see it in real life, but when you don’t have the cash flow google’s street view has to do.

Go check it out for yourself here.

Photo Credit: Erika Goldring

Our greatest export since Lord of the Rings: Lorde. Ready to tour NZ this November.

She’s crazy famous now except she has decided for this tour to keep it more intimate opting to only perform in smaller venues.

Tour dates:

  • Dunedin, Tuesday November 7th.
  • Christchurch, Wednesday November 8th.
  • Wellington, Saturday November 11th.
  • Auckland, November 12, 14 & 15th.

Unfortunately Frontier touring has said no more tour dates will be added, and with the proposed venues that Lorde is performing in, the total amount of people who will be able to attend will be 10,000 (A huge contrast to Ed Sheeran’s recent 250,000 ticket sales).

Frontier member pre-sales start Wednesday June 14th at 12pm and general ticket sales will go on sale Monday June 19th at 12pm.

Sign up to Frontier touring’s pre-sale site here.

JUNE 21 is the day you need to be prepared to bare it all at work… your legs that is.

“Shorts for Hospice” is an initiative hoping to raise money for the Lake Taupo Hospice. Companies participating are encouraged to donate $250 to the local charity, with larger companies encouraged to make a larger contribution.

Hospice chairman Alane vane said the charity needs to raise $1 million in donations per year for ongoing costs.

“Every dollar raised from the day goes towards enabling our team of nurses, doctors, social workers, counsellors and volunteers to ensure we provide the highest quality palliative care services”.

Register your business for “Shorts for Hospice” by contacting Lake Taupo Hospice on (07) 3774252 or



A pumping station that was recently prettied in Taupo has been tricking tourists left right and centre.

Before in 2012:

After in 2017:

The pumping station was beautified in 2016 to waterproof and prevent people from climbing on the roof. But now the beautiful building has resulted in tourists relieving themselves on the building, or pestering the neighbouring motel/hotels for a pitstop.

Ironically there is a public toilet around 250m away in the direction of the hot water beach, but maybe not as pretty.

There is also a tap attached to the pumping station which happy campers use freely also making surrounding motel/hotel owners disgruntled.

Motel owner Anthony Brahe says “Why should they be able to have 30 litres of fresh water for free everyday when I pay $2000 for commercial rates water?”

“Someone should put a lock on the tap”.

Taupo district council infrastructure manager Denis Lewis has recommended any fixes to be suggested to the council.




Taking care of poor health in Taumarunui residents has become number one priority, and the Whanau Ora Navigators are now learning how to have a healthy dry home. Having recently had a workshop on healthier homes, Maria McKenzie said the training was hugely beneficial for them to go out and educate whanau.

Eco design advisor for the Hamilton City Council, Ian Mayes has been giving his two cents recommending bubble wrap and wool blankets to cover windows as an affordable alternative. Double layered curtains on all windows are ideal, the double layers keeping the warmth in. However cheap curtains can also be made from old sheets and blankets on the windows too.

Mayes said “The truth is this country is in dire respiratory illness.

“We need to understand the scale of the problem because we’ve got our heads in the sand. We’re waking up but we’ve got a long way to go.”

Start popping up that bubble wrap guys!



Here’s a little investment you could be making into your local community… got a spare $20 mill in your back pocket?

It’s known for being the hub in Whanganui for retail space and is currently fully leased (so no worries on filling the space at the moment), with 72 percent of the space being taken up by Countdown and The Warehouse.

You better get in quick though as the agency has said that smaller malls like this one are snapped up quick as there is very little opportunity for ‘quality retail investments and a surplus of investor cash’.

The mall contains a food court and parking for 460 vehicles including underground parking for 197 cars (and don’t worry it is fully compliant with earthquake building standards!).



Possibly our favourite moment from the One Love benefit concert was when Ariana Grande wrapped up the show with a very emotional performance of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. Her fans seem to agree as well!

Fans are encouraging Ariana to record this as a single and release it to raise more money for the Manchester fund (currently sitting at around $10 Million!).

Ariana hasn’t yet responded to the comments and tweets, but fingers crossed she pops this on itunes sometime soon!