KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are possibly the HOTTEST ?? thing to be gracing our screens at the moment. They are best friends on screen in the Netflix series ‘Riverdale’ but it seems like they are good mates off screen as well!

(Don’t go getting your hearing checked anytime soon… KJ Apa is a Kiwi which is why his accent sounds a little familiar!)



Too bad smell-o-vision technology isn’t readily available just yet.

After pulling some old furniture that had been sitting in storage for the past nine years, this guy discovered an old painted Easter egg hiding behind one of the couch cushions.

So what do you do with a 9-year-old egg? Break it open and see what’s inside, of course.

While the looks of the egg are disgusting enough, we can only imagine how awful it must smell.



A video clip of Kiwi preschool children playing in a rain storm has been viewed more than 26 million times on social media, with the director of the centre saying the clip had prompted people to remember the freedom of their own “lost childhoods”.

Pukekos Educare in Thames posted a 33-second clip of children at the centre swooshing down a slide into a huge puddle of mud in the middle of a downpour.

The giddy, joyous laughter of the children can be clearly heard, as they shriek and giggle whilst plunging into the mud, sometimes head-first.

Since being posted on Thursday the video has been viewed more than 26 million times, with people watching from as far afield as Denmark, Scotland and the US.

Miffy Welsh, the director of the childcare centre, said she had been inundated with messages from around the world, and thought the video tapped into an undercurrent of longing for simple childhoods full of play and fun.

“In the thousands of comments, people seem to be yearning and longing for their own lost childhoods, and the childhoods of their children, which are so dominated by screens,” Welsh told the Guardian.

“Play is crucial for children’s development, and I hope this tiny little clip inspires parents to allow them the freedom to just be kids.”

Welsh told the Herald she never dreamed the video would “literally take the world by storm”.

“It was lovely to hear of the joy it brought so many and also highlighted the need for us to advocate even more to ensure children get to have this experience worldwide.”

Welsh said she hopes the millions of views help change attitudes and practices across the world.

“Every child deserves to be full of play, nature, friendships and unbridled joy.”

Of the more than 14,000 comments on Facebook most were overwhelmingly positive, saying it was amazing to see children allowed the opportunity for unstructured, messy fun.

This is exactly what childhood is about!” wrote Dale Bowes. “Not hiding inside playing on a smartphone but interacting with each other outside, making the most of nature and outdoors. Don’t bubblewrap your kids because they won’t live and learn. Let them get bumps, grazes and bruises and getting soaked in the rain from having a great time! At least that’s how my childhood was and it was brilliant.”

Many commenters from the US said such unorthodox playtime wouldn’t be allowed in their childcare centres, including a woman who worked in one.

“We would be shut down just for playing on ‘wet slides’,” she wrote. “Good to see kids being kids! Learning by trial and error!! Love it.”

A few people raised concerns about the lack of teacher supervision in the video, or that the children were at risk of catching germs or an illness. “I see the danger of possibly lightning striking that tree, travelling to roots and hurting the children,” wrote Janie Lipsmeyerfrom Texas.

“I know it’s a one in millions chance that would happen, but perhaps this event should be left for the children to do in their own homes and not at a school, the business is risking a possible huge liability should it all go wrong.”

Welsh said after the “spontaneous fun” was over the children headed inside to hot showers, fluffy towels and dry clothes.



Video has emerged of a child driving a car packed with other children – and a goat.

The footage, filmed in Whitianga by Auckland’s Gaz Walden, shows several children in a red Ford Falcon with a boy, about 8 years old, at the wheel.

Walden then realises there is a goat in the back seat.

“You’re f***ing kidding me. What the f*** is going on. This is insane. Look at him, he can only just see over the steering wheel,” he says.

He pulls up next to the car and tells the boy he shouldn’t be driving – but then a middle-aged man climbs out of the back seat to reassure him, saying the boy is “actually training”.

“I don’t care mate – that is ridiculous,” Walden tells him.

Police told Newshub they are making inquiries.



A luxury apartment block in Texas boasts a glass-bottomed rooftop pool, giving swimmers a dizzying view of the busy street 500 feet below.

Dubbed the Sky Pool, the infinity pool is on the 42nd floor of the Market Square Tower and extends 10 feet over the side of the imposing Houston building, according to Daily Mail.
Sweat-inducing footage shows one brave resident appearing to step into thin air as they gingerly walk around on the 8-inch thick plexiglass.

For those not willing to risk the teeth-clenching heights, there is another pool on the fourth-floor terrace.

Any thrill-seeking house hunters can purchase a 564-square foot studio for $1,805, or dish out $18,715 per month for a 2,993-square foot penthouse.

Reaction was mixed for the footage, with one horrified viewer writing: ‘Eek! No thanks! Not my type of fun living on edge,’ while another penned: ‘This is the coolest idea ever I wanna go here.’

A gobsmacked third user asked: How is this architecturally possible? To be suspended over traffic like that think of the perimeter structure. Is it like a tube? I’m trying to wrap my brain around it!’



The opening of the Ferrari Land theme park at PortAventura Park in Spain started with a truly unfortunate and equally hilarious event when a rider on one of the park’s roller coasters collided with a bird.

The park, which officially opened to the public on Friday, features the highest and fastest roller coast in Europe, which launches riders to 111 mph in just five seconds. Well, during that speedy acceleration, a rider in the front of the coaster gets nailed right in the throat by a pigeon.

The guy seemed equally horrified and confused by the whole thing, and just as the pigeon came into his life, it was gone, brushed aside like an eyelash in the wind.

Considering the blood left on the guy’s face after the crash, it’s safe to say the bird probably didn’t survive. Thankfully, the man riding the roller coaster seemed unharmed, and he quickly recovered and converted back to a normal roller coaster rider a few seconds later.